Alka® Drops

Alka® Drops is a unique alkaline mineral extract that when added to drinking water increases its pH value, creating alkaline water.

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How does deacidification work with Alka Drops?

Our modern lifestyle, personal health situations and living environment have a large impact on the acidification of our body. Accumulated acids can seriously disrupt your body‘s metabolism. A good acid-base balance is essential for your daily health.

Active alkalizing effect
Alka Drops has been developed to neutralize excess acid waste in the body by increasing alkaline buffer levels. Drinking alkaline water has an active alkalizing effect on the body. A glass of water containing Alka Drops temporarily changes the acidity level in the stomach. The body corrects this by quickly producing more acid for the stomach. At the same time, the cells in the stomach wall then simultaneously release a substance called sodium bicarbonate into the blood. This means a net increase in the level of sodium bicarbonate in the body, so the build-ups of acid waste in your body can now be neutralized and released.

Safe and natural process
Alkalizing the body like this is a natural and gradual process. Some people notice changes in their body after just 1 week, others after a few weeks, and some people after several months. For the best results you should make sure you drink 5 glasses of water every day.

You can take Alka Drops every day to counteract the accumulation of acid waste. A neutral acid/alkaline balance boosts your body’s resistance and reduces your chance of developing chronic health problems. Alka Drops will keep you on your feet!


The de-acidifying power of Alka Drops:
✓ Balance acidity in your body by simply adding a few drops to drinking water
✓ The most effective way to create alkaline water
✓ Handy bottle that you can take with you anywhere
✓ 1 bottle lasts for at least 3 months of daily usage!

Learn more about what alkalizing with Alka Drops could do for you today.


Alka Drops is the original formula, developed according US patent no. 5306511.

Dosage and use

The recommended daily dose is 4 times 1 glass of water with 4 drops. Shake before use. Open the child resistant cap of the bottle by pushing down the cap and then unscrewing it. Add, by gently squeezing the bottle, 4 drops to a glass of water of about 200 ml. Shortly stir and then drink the whole glass of water within 1 minute. Preferably take on an empty stomach.

When to use:
Using Alka Drops easily becomes a part of your daily routine.
Excellent moments to take the Alka Drops for example are:

30 minutes before breakfast
30 minutes before lunch
30 minutes before dinner
 an hour before going to bed. 

Or: You could also fill a bottle with drinking water and add 20 drops to 1 litre or 30 drops to 1.5 litre of water. You can take this bottle with you for travelling or for work.

What you should know before use

Because of the high hydroxide concentrations in Alka Drops, do not put the drops undiluted in the eyes, mouth or on the skin. In case of contact, rinse well with water. Possible wounds or irritations caused by contact with undiluted drops, recover by itself. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse well with water and contact your physician immediately.


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Specification per 100 ml:

Mineral Quantity RDA*
Zinc (zinc gluconate) 1,5 mg 15%

* RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances 

Water, acidity regulators (potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide), mineral

Free of:
Gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, yeast, egg, sugar, starch, maize, animal ingredients, preservatives, artificial, flavours, colors or sweeteners

Net content:
Each bottle of Alka® Drops contains 55 ml.
That will last for 3 months, when taken in accordance with the recommended daily dosage. 

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